• Motor power: 2200~3200 rpm
  • Modes: 5
  • Battery: 1080mAh
  • Autonomy: 4 hours (max.)
  • Dimensions: 175 x 58 x 150 mm (height x width x depth)
  • 10 minutes a day of massage with the muscle massage gun: Don’t worry, you don’t have to give up on getting in shape.
  • This muscle massage gun is the solution you have been looking for. It delivers a high-frequency vibration that deeply stimulates fascia and releases muscle knots, eliminating tension and aches.
  • It’s as simple as giving yourself a 10-minute massage every day with your Merach MR-1539 after sports. In this way, it will help you reduce pain and relieve muscle fatigue.
  • Powerful motor up to 3200 rpm: The Merach MR-1539 will be able to do this thanks to its brushless motor that can reach up to 3200 rpm , which is more than enough to stimulate muscle groups with a depth of up to 11 mm , as well as to quickly neutralize acid. lactic acid (which creates that annoying “ache”) produced after sporting activity.
  • 5 speed levels: However, you may need something different for every situation… For this reason, Merach allows you to adapt the power of its MR-1539 massage gun to the level you need thanks to its 5 speed settings , from muscle activation to deep massage. You choose !
  • 4 heads for each muscle group: Also, the Merach MR-1539 comes with 4 silicone heads , so you can use them on different body parts . On the one hand, you have the round head to massage the back, arms, thighs, calves and other large muscles; the U-shaped head to massage the neck and both sides of the spine; the flat head to loosen the different muscle areas of the body; and the bullet-shaped head for massaging the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet.

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